Monmouth County Adult, Senior, Alzheimer’s & Dementia Day Care

iStock_000011119404Medium11Days can be very long, just ask any busy person caring for a senior who lives at home, especially one with early Alzheimer’s or dementia. They can be very long days indeed.  And they can be lonely too, or they can be full of happiness, interaction, mental stimulation, caring support, and fellowship for the senior, as well as a needed respite for the caregiver.

Over the last 12 years We Care Adult Day Care Center has been that special place and they are so good at what they do, they have been ranked the Number One Adult Day Care Center in all of Monmouth County.  They have a perfect incident free record, which is a nearly impossible accomplishment. And the secret to this success is that they love what they do, the people they care and families they become a part of. The formula started from love and that true love, respect and compassion is a palpable feeling the moment you walk in the door. Pictures of members, the sound of laughter and song, a busy staff who briskly moves through the facility, cheerfully tending to this and that….it’s happy and hopeful and hard to leave.  There is a lively place, where seniors can spend their days with other seniors.

We Care Adult Care was opened in 2000 by Registered Nurse Tracey Christenson Wolfman, RN, MA, who is passionate about providing Superior care for the elderly. She is an Expert speaker of Adult Day Care, caregiver and entrepreneur specializing in the elderly with a focus on Alzheimer’s disease. The Adult Day Care Center stands alone in its’ reputation for providing a homelike setting with a caring, compassionate, and engaging program.

“We love seniors and we want to and know we can make a difference in their lives and their families lives too, says Tracey Wolfman. That’s where the name We Care came from, because we really care.  Seniors who have regular socialization and mental stimulation are healthier, less depressed, eat better, dress better, and share more, which all helps the family.  At the same time, caregivers need time too, to do the everyday chores of life or maybe simply have a little downtime of their own.  At the end of the day, everyone is more relaxed and able to be a better family, which allows the senior to live at home for the longest time possible. We haven’t cut a single corner, in fact we offer more services here than anywhere else, and we we’ve done all we can to keep our prices as reasonable as possible, so that we can fit into the families budgets. We also advocate and assist in securing any grants available for funding too. Whatever it takes, we do it, because we care.”

The bright and homey 6300 plus square foot facility, has a large multi-purpose room, where there’s always something happening. Daily activities include crafts, music, games, storytelling, and more. Every day, there’s a delicious catered lunch, which is included in the price, served in a separate dining room and We Care even has a quiet room with a bed and reclining chairs for a quick catnap. Extra amenities include an on-site beauty parlor, a comfortable bus for door to door transportation, extended hours and a shower/bath, a huge bonus for those whose homes are not handicap accessible.  

At the heart of the center is our unique nurse-owner presence. Our on-duty nurses have a combined 50 plus years of experience in working with seniors. They can administer medications, monitor a senior’s well-being and be a great sounding board. 

“We do everything we can to offer your family member the kind of thoughtful, caring, inspiring and joyful attention you would on you best day”, says Wolfman.

The cost, about $90 a day, is less than half of what you would pay for an in home caregiver and the being out of the house in a social setting has great wellness benefits.  Additionally, We Care offers funding options and will comb the resources available to County residents to help.

“Some members come everyday, others come once or twice a week. Even one day a week can make a big difference to a family.”

We Care Adult Day Care invites everyone to experience the good times at the facility personally with a complimentary full day visit, including that delicious lunch.

To schedule yours, learn more about this remarkable facility or get expert advice from Tracey Wolfman, call We Care Adult Day Care at (732) 741-7363.  We Care is open Monday through Friday, and one Saturday a month, in the Union Square Mall, 552A Route 35 in Middletown.  Visit