Monmouth County Alzheimer’s Day Care

167213197 copyThe role of full-time caregiver is one of the most difficult. Long, lonely, overworked, balancing a million responsibilities, making trying decisions, dealing with your sadness while still being a loving and supportive companion to your loved one.  What a difference just a few hours could make.  Time to run errands, have thoughtful conversations or maybe just take a rest. We Care gives you those hours. 

Your loved one with dementia will receive close attention and memory-building interaction in a safe, loving and caring place while you have that time you need to take care of your own agenda and re-build your energy. 

Your loved one will return in a better frame of mind and you will be able to greet him or her more relaxed and with less anxiety. 

We Care Adult Day Care Center founder Tracey Wolfman is an expert in Alzheimer’s and dementia care, often called upon to give lectures or educate groups. The loving, caring facility she’s created addresses these conditions with a multi-faceted program that promotes interaction, good nutrition and careful observance with a nurse on duty.  Our staff can be a sounding board and share valuable information on your loved one’s attitude and progression.  Even stubborn adult participants show quick improvement after spending time in the happy place, and they bring that home, making your life easier.

133636521 copyMonmouth County Alzheimer’s Day Care

At We Care we see remarkable transformations in health, hygiene, grooming and mood. Our nurses stay involved, administering medications, checking their ears and feet and ensuring overall well-being. We even offer assisted bathing services and a quiet room for those times when your loved just feels like being a little grumpy. At We Care, we take the time to get know a participant’s personality and preferences, making it easy for us to notice subtle changes and report them to you.

We share a smile, hold a hand, ask questions and get participants to open up and participate to the best of their abilities.

Alzheimer’s and dementia are complicated, uniquely evolving and exhausting conditions for the whole family and the time spent at We Care goes a long way.